Northern Ireland Is Going Crazy for Boozy Cocktail-Infused Sausages

Boozy food is nothing new to the Irish. You can find a Guinness stew just about anywhere, and that’s definitely not the only place you’ll find their flagship beer.

But a few Northern Ireland butchers are pushing beyond beer and opting for cocktail flavors in their sausages this summer. Irvinestown’s Maguire Meats debuted a Red Bull Vodka flavored sausage this month and apparently, it’s a hit.

“We were thinking about the sausage range for the summer and this was the craziest one we could think of,” Keelan Maguire told Belfast Live. “So we gave it a go and it worked out very well and they are very popular.”

McCartney’s Of Moira, another butcher in the area, has added two alcohol-infused sausages to its menu this season—Gin & Tonic Pork Sausages and Kopparberg Pear Cider Pork Sausages.

That’s one way to mix it up.

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