North Korea Claims It’s Invented Hangover-Free Booze

North Korean scientists have made some stunning, headline-worthy claims in recent months. Sure, the Kumdang-2 vaccine might be the cure for HIV/AIDS, cancer, MERS and Ebola, according to the notoriously biased Pyongyang Times. But the latest innovation from the region could be even more life-changing for the everyday drinker… if it proves true.

According to CNN and other news outlets, Koryo Liquor — a golden spirit distilled from aged ginseng root and scorched glutinous rice — is being touted by its inventors, the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory, as the world’s first hangover-free alcoholic beverage.

Propaganda or pure genius? Only Kim Jong-un knows for sure. The claim has yet to be independently verified, but North Korean media report that the regret-free hooch is already wildly popular with local Communist Party leaders. If you’re not sufficiently high ranking to get your hands on a bottle of this miracle elixir, check out our tried-and-true hangover cures.

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