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6 New Vodka Martinis You Need to Try Now

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August is Vodkaaaah month. You know you want it.

The vodka Martini has a long history—especially in pop culture. There’s 007 stirring up debates over the drink’s proper preparation, the Sex and the City era of everything possible being poured into an oversized Martini glass and, of course, a silver-haired ad man slurping them down during his three-Martini lunches. The classic cocktail has had a windy road to stardom.


With such simple ingredients and a forgiving base spirit, the vodka Martini is a no-brainer when you want a classic with a twist. From out-there renditions to simple elevations, give these cocktails a try when a touch of olive brine or dry vermouth just won’t do.

1. Grapefruit St-Germain Martini

With St-Germain’s delicate flavor, it’s surprising the liqueur hasn’t made its way into more Martini renditions. In the Grapefruit St-Germain Martini, vodka and St-Germain are paired with ruby-red grapefruit juice and rosemary syrup, which adds a slightly sweet, herbal and bitter taste. Inspired by the Romarin cocktail at Washington D.C.’s  Le Diplomate, this make-it-yourself version is perfect for the at-home bartender. Get the recipe.

2. The Figtini

Want a fruit Martini that’s a little off the beaten path? The Figtini awaits you. After making your own fig–vanilla bean–caradamom–infused vodka (it’ll take a week to infuse but it’s a lot simpler to make than it sounds), all you’ll need to do is chill your concoction over ice, pour it into a Martini glass and garnish with some beautiful fig slices. Get the recipe.

3. Dill Pickle Vodka Martini

The pickle is no stranger to bars across America. The pickleback is a practically a New York tradition after a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey and is thought to keep your future hangover at bay. In the Dill Pickle Vodka Martini, the pickle steps to center stage with pickle-infused vodka and some healthy splashes of pickle juice. To keep this Martini, um…Martini-esque, the cocktail is rounded out with dry vermouth. What you get is an upscale variation of a low-brow tradition. What could be more fun than that? Get the recipe.

4. Honey Bee Martini

Sweet tooths, this Martini is for you. The Honey Bee Martini combines the flavors of honey and lavender for a Martini lover’s version of the Bee’s Knees. Though this recipe calls for coconut vodka, use whichever vodka works best for you. Get the recipe.

5. Strawberry Martini

image: familyspice.com 

As you may have guessed by now, infusing your vodka is surefire way to modify your Martinis. This recipe using strawberry-infused vodka is no exception. After a couple days of steeping strawberries in your favorite vodka, you’ll be fully equipped to make this delightfully simple cocktail. Stir some of your vodka with vermouth (the recipe doesn’t specify which, go ahead and experiment with both dry and sweet) over ice. Garnish with a leftover strawberry—or just eat it. Get the recipe.

6. The Coco Chanel

Using only two ingredients, the Coco Chanel sticks to the famed designer’s preference for simple chic. St-Germain and Ciroc Coconut Vodka combine to create a delicately refreshing cocktail to sip on while wearing your finest duds. If sophistication is your thing, the Coco Chanel is like the perfect outfit. Get the recipe.


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