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New Texas Bar to Give Bartenders Royalties

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The tip debate has been a hot one recently, among both bartenders and patrons. A soon-to-open Austin, Texas, cocktail bar called The Townsend, however, is considering yet another way to pay its mixologists.

While The Townsend will still keep the traditional tip system in place, bartenders will also earn a one percent royalty for each original cocktail that’s ordered off the menu. And considering that craft cocktails typically range anywhere from $10 to upwards of $16 or $20, that one percent could add up fast.


“We want [bartenders] to find that sweet spot between making drinks that are innovative and pushing the envelope, but also drinks that are speaking to the crowd of people who love great drinks,” Partner Steven Weisburd told Food Republic, who also worked as anentertainment lawyer.

Weisburd says that bartenders deserve to get royalties the same way that musicians receive royalties on album sales. But this will also ensure that bartenders are getting the proper credit and compensation for creating fantastic original drinks.

Of course, it will be interesting to see how well this new system works for The Townsend and, perhaps, whether or not it will spur any kind of meaningful change within the bartending industry. Find out more about Weisburd’s plans for The Townsend at Food Republic.

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