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New Study Gives You Another Reason to Drink Up

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You already know that booze boosts immunity, Champagne prevents memory loss and beer can preserve bone density, but now you can really feel good about downing a drink after work every day.

Studies published in the International Journal of Cardiology and the Journal of Internal Medicine suggest that those who enjoy three to five drinks a week are 33 percent less likely to suffer from heart failure than those who don’t drink, or even people who drink less often.


Red wine already has a heart-healthy reputation, but this study shows that all types of alcohol can be beneficial. For each drink of wine, beer or liquor that participants consumed, their risk of heart disease was lowered by 28 percent. This doesn’t mean you should drink a full bottle every night, though: Moderation is the key to gaining health benefits.

“Having one serving of alcohol per day does several good things for our health. It improves our cholesterol profile, decreases stress levels, improves insulin sensitivity (meaning better blood sugar control) and decreases clotting risk (meaning less heart attack risk),” Steven Masley, MD, told Food & Wine. Trust him: He’s a doctor.

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