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New Research Shows Alcohol Consumption Benefits the Heart

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Grab yourself a drink. You now have a scientific excuse for your next cocktail.

A recent study published in Science Daily is helping to clear up the confusion about why moderate alcohol consumption can protect the heart. The new research conducted at the University of São Paulo in Brazil sheds light on a specific enzyme (ALDH2) that helps organisms remove aldehyde, a toxic byproduct of alcohol digestion, from the body.


In addition to aiding the body in removing toxicities caused by the consumption of alcohol, the study suggests ALDH2 also removes a type of molecule that develops in heart cells when they suffer major damage, such as that induced by the severe stress of a heart attack.

This isn’t the first study to claim drinking in moderation may be good for your health. Past research suggests that booze boosts immunity better than vaccines alone, while another indicates the hops in beer could help fight cancer. We’ll drink to that!  

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