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6 Summer Upgrades to Your Moscow Mule

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August is Vodkaaaah month. You know you want it.

All you lazy Mules out there: It’s time to summer up.

The Moscow Mule has its simple formula to thank for the drink’s survival. With its future assured, now’s the time to start messing around.

Dress your Mule in summer’s finest, starting with garden-fresh herbs, crisp chilled melon and even bright pink prickly pear.

1. Mumbai Mule

Love savory Indian spices? The magic of this cocktail lies in its spiced ginger syrup. An aggressively large pile of fresh ginger creates the base, which is blended with toasted coriander, cumin and cardamom and a generous pinch of saffron. Swirled into vodka, lemon juice and sparkling water, this Mule is one for the Golden Age. Get the recipe.

2. Garden Mule

Halfway between a Mule and a Pimm’s Cup, this mug is stuffed with a garden party’s worth of cucumber, rosemary, mint and edible flowers. Those herbal elements make a world of difference every time you take a swig—so breathe deep. Get the recipe.

3. Prickly Pear Mezcal Mule

Image: freutcake.com

Time for a costume change. Pack your Mule with a vial of fuschia prickly-pear syrup and watch it turn heads. Plus, a fresh slap of jalapeño and a base of smoky mezcal have this Mule really kicking—pun intended. Get the recipe.

4. Midnight Mule

Beer in a Mule? Don’t change the channel. A stocky coffee stout adds caffeinated character to the duo of vodka and Meyer lemon juice. Rather like Beauty and the Beast, this marriage ends happily—despite first appearances. Get the recipe.

5. Blood Orange Sage Mule

Since you probably can’t get your paws on a blood orange this month, it’s perfectly acceptable to swap in a Valencia orange. Round out the citrus with a few earthy sage leaves, and stick a sprig in your straw so that you inhale the herb’s scent with every sip. Get the recipe.

6. Melon Mules

Image: freutcake.com

What’s better than sticking your face into a chilled slice of melon? Muddling it into a cool copper mug and dousing it with melon-flavored vodka, ice and ginger beer. Turns out a cantaloupe’s curve fits ever so snugly across the top of a Mule mug. Garnish mates for life. Get the recipe.

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