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The New Low-Alcohol Cocktails You Should Make Now

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(image: edibleperspective.com)

Cocktails are fun to drink. But after your third (or fifth) drink, things start to become a bit fuzzy.

The high ABV from strong spirits make day-drinking without falling asleep at 4 p.m. an obstacle and just forget about becoming the designated driver. Looking for a way to have your liquid cake and eat it too? Try making a low-alcohol cocktail.


Sometimes called shims, the low-ABV cocktail has all the tasty elements you like without the strong spirits that’ll knock you out. These cocktails run the gamut of spirituous, fruity, brunch-ready and nightcap.

1. Pimm’s Cup Cocktail with Ginger, Lime and Tarragon

Image: feedmephoebe.com
 A classic from over the pond, the Pimm’s Cup is already a cocktail with low alcoholic intake. The shining star of the drink is the Pimm’s No. 1 liqueur that sits pretty at only 25-percent ABV. This version ditches most of the traditional fruit for some limes, tarragon and a homemade ginger simple syrup. Get the recipe.

2. Summer Dill and Snap Pea Shim

Image: hollyandflora.com
 As summer slowly fades, it’s time to get some use out of the last of the in-season fruits. The Summer Dill and Snap Pea Shim will do the job quite nicely. Dill, snap peas and cucumber join forces with St-Germain, sake and limoncello (you made your own, remember?) for a refreshing cocktail you can drink on your porch during the last days of summer heat. Get the recipe.

3. The New Hickory Cocktail

Image: drinkstraightup.com 
Don’t worry, spirituous cocktail lovers, there’s something for you too. The New Hickory Cocktail keeps afloat those of you who love a drink on the bitter side. Cynar, an artichoke digestif, takes the spotlight, supported by Sherry and two different types of bitters. Even the world’s biggest Manhattan lover won’t miss the hard liquor. Get the recipe.

4. Watermelon-Ginger Aperol Spritz

Image: saltandwind.com
A day drinker’s favorite, the Aperol Spritz is a simple cocktail with legs of its own (#spritzlife). So what happens when you drop some watermelon and ginger juice into the classic? You get a cocktail that’s perfect for lounging on the beach—or pretending you’re on an Italian getaway. Get the recipe.

5. Rosé Slushies

Image: edibleperspective.com
 Did you know that rosé is having a moment? No longer the red-headed stepchild of the wine world, this pink sip is back with a vengeance. There’s no better way to celebrate its return than by whizzing it into a slushie. Take your favorite bottle of rosé, add in some frozen fruit (strawberries and peaches were used here), blend them all together and you’re done. Welcome back, rosé, we missed you. Get the recipe.

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