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Would You Try a Hamburger-Flavored Gin?

image: DiffordsGuide

The cocktail and spirits experts at Difford’s Guide share word of a new flavored gin, and it’s quite the game changer. Entering a market already flooded with oddities like electricity-flavored vodka and PB&J whiskey comes Hamburger Gin, a beefy, spicy and altogether unique spirit.

The new gin is made with a base wheat spirit (very bunlike, don’t you think?) that’s infused with mustard seed prior to distillation. Beef patties and tomatoes are placed in the still’s infusion chamber. And it’s made, charmingly enough, by a distillery in Hamburg, Germany.


“Despite its unusual ‘botanicals,’ Hamburger Gin is very much reminiscent of a classic London Dry gin but with very subtle influences from the meat, mustard seeds and sundried tomato,” says publisher Simon Difford in his tongue-in-cheek tasting notes.

Would you sample this new flavor? We think it might make an interesting addition to a classic Bloody Mary or other savory cocktails.

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