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A New Game of Thrones Beer is Coming

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Upset about the recent changes regarding the Game of Thrones season-seven schedule? Or perhaps you’re still distraught by the season-six finale (no spoilers ahead, we promise!)? Don’t fret—come autumn, there will be a new GoT-themed beer to help tide you over.

The Valar Dohaeris Tripel Ale from Ommegang Brewery pays tribute to Arya’s struggle this past season with the House of Black and White. Meaning “All Men Must Serve” in High Valyrian, this is the sister beer to the brand’s Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale released last October. Both bottles’ labels feature the coin that Jaqen H’ghar gave to Arya back in season two.


A Belgian-style ale brewed with wheat, oats and flaked barley finished with noble hops, Valar Dohaeris clocks in at a strong 9 percent ABV. The aroma includes notes of caramel, toffee, ripe fruits, burnt sugar and a hint of cloves; it features a dry finish that’s light on the tongue.

The new brew will be available October 10 in $10 750-milliliter bottles, as well as on draft, so be on the lookout at your favorite pubs. For those who want the full boozy GoT experience, both the Valar Dohaeris and the Valar Morghulis will be available alongside a special glass in a collectible gift set retailing for $23.

The ale continues HBO’s partnership with Ommegang Brewery and will be the seventh brew released as part of a Game of Thrones series. Other past releases include the Iron Throne, Take the Black Stout, Fire and Blood, Three-Eyed Raven and Seven Kingdoms.

Since there won’t be any new episodes until next summer, the beer’s debut will offer a perfect opportunity to rewatch the past years’ series and play the Game of Thrones Drinking Game. And if you’d like something a little more boozy, try out this White Walker–inspired cocktail.


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