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8 New Surprisingly Flavored Vodkas to Try Now

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August is Vodkaaaah month. You know you want it.

When it comes to flavored vodkas, the trend has (finally!) shifted away from faux cupcakes and cinnamon buns and toward fruit, tea and spice. These are the bottles—from intriguingly savory to sweet treats—to pour right now.


The Flavor: Dill Pickle

The Bottle:  Chilled Dills Pickle Flavored Vodka ($20)
Yes, it sounds odd. But the briny flavor is just right for Bloody Mary and Dirty Martini variations, as well as riffs on the pickleback.

The Flavor: Chile Pepper

 Image via Jason Tinacci

The Bottle: St George Green Chile Vodka ($30)
Made from California jalapeños, habaneros, serranos and bell peppers, look for mouthwatering cooked-pepper savoriness, mild heat and a crisp finish.

The Flavor: Citrus

The Bottle: Square One Bergamot ($35)
Bergamot, best known for its clarion presence in Earl Grey tea, is a fragrant type of orange. Here, it’s blended with more familiar mandarin, tangerine and navel oranges and lightly sweetened with organic tapioca-root syrup for a delicate, breezy citrus flavor plus a zingy touch of ginger.

The Flavor: Hot Sauce

The Bottle: UV Sriracha ($12)
This bottle is tinted the lurid red of the famous hot sauce. So it’s a surprise when the vodka pours crystal clear. It smells like Sriracha, aka garlic and chiles, though it doesn’t quite capture the addictive spicy-sweet flavor that makes the hot sauce such a kitchen staple. Still, a great way to add sizzle to a Bloody Mary or other savory drinks.

The Flavor: Mango

The Bottle:  New Amsterdam Mango Flavored Vodka ($15)
This bottle was released early in 2015. Look for a bold, fruity aroma and sweet palate that seems just right for mixing tropical drinks.

The Flavor: Sweet Potato

The Bottle: Art in the Age Sweet Potato Flavored Vodka ($25 for 375 ml)
Earthy and complex, this vodka is reminiscent of maple-glazed sweet potatoes and finishes with plenty of baking spice.

The Flavor: Tea

The Bottle: Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka ($15)
Distilled from corn and steeped with tea leaves and honey, this Texas-made vodka resembles strong-brewed sweet tea in look, scent and flavor. Ideal for Arnold Palmers and other like-minded cocktails.

The Flavor: Spice

The Bottle: The Bay Seasoned Vodka ($25 for 1 liter)
Made with Chesapeake Bay seasoning from Maryland, this clear vodka tells a savory story, with a salty burst followed by cayenne and black pepper, and a clean finish. Follow the producer’s cue and try it with oyster shooters.

Kara Newman is a New York–based spirits and cocktail writer, and author of Cocktails for a Crowd (Chronicle Books).

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