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New Drinking Rules for 2011

Now that you’ve recovered from the weekend’s celebrations, it’s time to talk about the upcoming year. No doubt you have your own list of resolutions, but we have five important ones that you should consider. Let’s make this a truly spirited year!

Get out of your comfort zone.

It’s easy to get into a familiar drinking routine and stick to what you know. But there is now an unprecedented selection of spirits from around the world and a wealth of delicious cocktails available. This year, try something you wouldn’t normally have, whether it’s a dram of smoky Scotch or a glass of mezcal.



Drink seasonally.

Many bartenders across the country are changing their menus with the seasons. So should you.

Sure, plenty of cocktails—like the Martini—are good year-round, but elixirs that contain fruit (other than lemons and limes) should be drunk when the produce is in season. You’ll be able to taste the difference.

Visit a distillery.

Over the last ten years, hundreds of new distilleries have opened in America. The best part: Many of these spirits companies give tours and have tasting rooms. So, this year, see for yourself how liquor is made. (You should also enter our contest to spend a week working with the malt master at The Glenrothes distillery in Scotland.)

Make a signature recipe.

You’ve mastered the classics and are on a first-name basis with your local mixologist—it’s time you had a signature cocktail. Whether it’s a twist on an old favorite or a completely new concoction, this year you need to create your own drink. To help you out we got some tips from Ryan Magarian, president of consultancy Liquid Relations and co-founder of Aviation Gin.

Pair cocktails with dinner.

Cocktails taste great before and after dinner, so why not have one with your meal? This year, whether you’re cooking or in a restaurant, try pairing some of your dishes with mixed drinks instead of wine. You may never look at a cocktail list the same way.

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