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New Coffee Cocktails You’ve Never Heard Of

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You know all about Irish Coffee and have drunk your fair share of Kahlúa. But just as your favorite baristas continue to devise new ways to deliver the best brew, so too have bartenders been experimenting with coffee cocktails that go beyond the old standards. Extremely versatile, coffee cocktails can be a great hair of the dog or the nightcap of a great dinner. Here are a few new ones to try.

1. King Coffee Cocktail

Let’s start with royalty, shall we? Rich vanilla syrup, aged rum, stout beer, coffee and heavy cream join together in a hot cocktail for the ages. An after-dark rendition of the classic Irish Coffee, this cocktail is everything. Just everything. Get the recipe.

2. East African Spritz

As in the King Coffee Cocktail, rum makes its boozy appearance in the East African Spritz. Rwandian coffee (make sure you’re using a pour-over brewing method) meets aged rum and the orange liqueur Arancello in this simple cocktail. Get the recipe.

3. The Bruce Wayne 

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Batman has enough to do, which is why he probably likes simple drinks. With just three ingredients (whiskey, maple syrup and—you guessed it—coffee), this cocktail will give you a buzz and keep you on high alert,  just in case that bat symbol pops up. Get the recipe. 

4. Java Good Night 

Blue Bottle Coffee is widely considered one of the best coffee roasters out there, and their New Orleans-style cold brew has a starring role in this fun take on Thai iced coffee, which contains rum, condensed and evaporated milk and mint is a creamy tropical treat. Get the recipe.

5. Alive and Kicking 

After a sip of this drink, you’ll definitely be ready to face the day. Cold brew coffee and fernet are natural bedfellows, and this cocktail kicks it up a notch with the addition of whiskey. And amaro. And simple syrup. If you can’t wake up in the morning, this cocktail is the slap in the face you need. Get the recipe. 

6. Long Island Iced Coffee 

If a Long Island Iced Tea makes you cringe with hazy memories of bad parties, you may want to skip over this cocktail. For the rest of us, it’s time to party. Loaded with rum, vodka, gin and coffee-infused tequila and topped with a float of brewed coffee, drinking one of these could be the best or worst decision of the evening. It’s probably best to have just one. Get the recipe. 

7. Iced Irish Coffee with Coffee Ice Cubes 

Hate it when ice waters down your perfect iced coffee? Make coffee ice cubes! Hate it when your iced coffee doesn’t have booze? Throw in some Jameson! This simple cocktail will take some overnight planning but it’s worth it for an undiluted iced Irish coffee. Get the recipe. 

8. Coffee Margarita 

It might sound strange, but a coffee Margarita made with espresso-infused tequila and a citrus-flavored simple syrup in place of the agave and lime actually works. Use a mixture of cocoa powder, cinnamon and sugar for the rim in lieu of salt and enjoy a whole new twist on an old favorite. Get the recipe. 

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