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New Boozy Emojis Have Arrived Just in Time for the Holidays

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Christmas has come early for Apple users! The tech company has finally released its new set of emojis with its latest iPhone software update, dubbed iOS 10.2, and two of them are perfect for booze lovers everywhere.

As part of the 72 new icons released, two expand on the world of alcohol emojis. They include a tumbler glass of what appears to be neat whiskey and two glasses of Champagne clinking together. Now you’ll finally be able to say “cheers!” to your friends via text and express your love of bourbon without having to type a single word.


A handful of new food emojis will also help you communicate your wordless desire for a Spiced Old Fashioned or a Cucumber Basil Martini, perhaps alongside a bar snack of peanuts.

The latest spirit additions join the existing boozy emoji collection that includes a wine glass, a Martini, a Tiki drink, a Champagne bottle, beer mugs and a sake carafe. All of the existing images have been upgraded to offer a more detailed, realistic appearance.

The new emojis have been well received, and we’re sure iPhone users are bound to get creative with their uses of the new emojis. Might we suggest incorporating them into your drunk texts?

And if you really want to get in the emoji spirit, why not try making this fun Emoji Rum Sour?

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