Napa Valley Geniuses Invent the First Wine-Infused Coffee

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(image: Nicole Marino)

If you love both a rich cup of java and big glass of pinot noir, you no longer have to choose. A crew of Northern California geniuses have figured out how to create a glorious coffee and wine blend.

As odd as this combination may seem, the bold flavors in wine pair wonderfully with those in coffee. Sip a cup of Molinari Private Reserve, and you’ll taste the overtones of a glass of vino while getting an infusion of red wine’s health benefits.

To create this magical hybrid brew, Arabica coffee beans are hydrated using red wine from Napa Valley wineries. After the wine has soaked into the beans, they are dried and hand-roasted to create the signature blend. Though this coffee is nonalcoholic, you’ll still catch a buzz—but only from caffeine, unless you opt for the decaf variety.

The hybrid blend is already brewing at Molinari Caffe in Napa, and there are plans to expand service to local bars and wineries. If you can’t make the trip to wine country, the brew is available online to fulfill your cravings. But you’ll need to be patient: The blend is temporarily sold out, although the website is accepting back orders for shipments of five or more bags.

In the meantime, we’ll just console ourselves with a big glass of red wine and our favorite coffee cocktails.

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