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Miranda Helck Enjoyed a Bartender’s Dream Trip to Denver with Kat Nigro

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Miranda Helck won the Naked Grouse Cocktail Competition by creating a cocktail that not only tastes great but shows off her unique style and personality. Amorous Men Are Gullible is as bold, unexpected and captivating as the bartender behind it.

A cocktail that distinct deserves a one-of-a-kind grand prize. And that’s exactly what Helck got with a free trip to Denver for a “Naked Experience.” Naked Grouse brand ambassador and Denver local Kat Nigro was there to ensure that Helck’s three days in the Mile High City were unforgettable.

The first day kicked off at the spa, which allowed Helck to ease into the trip following her flight. “I had never been to Denver before,” Helck said. “It was a great treat and the spa was a relaxing welcome.”

A couple hours at the spa gave her a chance to bond with Nigro, and left them both feeling calm and ready to experience Denver nightlife.

The night began with dinner at Departure, in Cherry Creek. A fun place to get dressed up and enjoy creative culinary cuisine and colorful cocktails. This Asian fusion spot is just one of many restaurants that are setting the bar high for fantastic food and drinks in Denver.

It was an incredible dinner, but the night was only getting started. Helck and Nigro followed the meal with a short walk to the golden doorbell. With one push of a button they were greeted by a smiling face and transported into the Great Gatsby-like atmosphere of the Denver speakeasy B&GC.

By the end of day one, it was already clear that Denver’s reputation as a beer town doesn’t do justice to the city’s many inventive cocktail bars.

Nigro had a lot planned for the remainder of the trip, so it was good to start the next day with some yoga. Helck was feeling fully centered by the time she arrived at the fun and casual Star Bar to enjoy whisky cocktails with local bartenders.

Helck was particularly impressed by a Penicillin made with Naked Grouse, which she sipped until it was time for the group to dart over to the ballpark to watch Colorado play Pittsburgh. Helck cheered along with the locals as the home team came away with a narrow victory.

Of course, a trip to Colorado isn’t complete without experiencing the mountains. That’s why the third day had Helck and Nigro leaving the city to ride ATVs through the Rockies. Helck was initially hesitant.

“The ATV ride definitely took me out of my comfort zone,” The Philly bartender said. “I had never driven an ATV before, and honestly I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it!”

Helck rose to the challenge with the same boldness and daring she brings to her original cocktails, and experienced a Naked moment as a result. She moved past her fear and found herself enjoying something she never imagined doing.

Miranda Helck won a trip to Denver by presenting the judges with an unexpected and unforgettable cocktail. It seems fitting that she finished the trip with an experience that shares those same qualities.

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