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Moscow Mule Cans Are Here To Help You Celebrate The End of Summer Right

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Summer might be winding down, but that just means we’ll take any excuse to enjoy a warm evening with a tasty cocktail. But sometimes you don’t have the ingredients on hand to mix up what you’re really craving, or if you’re like us, you’re just feeling lazy.

‘Merican Mule is now selling ready-to-drink Moscow Mules in a can, using natural ginger, lime and vodka to make sure you can have your favorite summer drink whenever you want it. At 7 percent ABV, it packs a bigger punch than your typical beer or canned spritzer, so be sure to drink responsibly.


The single 12-ounce cans or four-packs are only available at grocery and liquor stores in Southern California for now, but the company plans to expand its distribution soon. With recent claims that copper Moscow Mule mugs could be poisonous, the drink also offers an alternative to the popular glassware.

“Ready-to-drink beverages just haven’t been good over the past decade,” said Dean Mahoney, ‘Merican Mule’s CEO, in a statement. “We seek to change that. We’ve achieved amazing taste, second to none, due to our patience during development and caution around selected ingredients.”

Can’t wait? Mix up your own variation now.

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