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The 4 New Old Fashioneds You Need to Try


So you want to make an Old Fashioned. You’ve collected the staples—sugar, bitters and water—to join your whiskey and are about to get in your Don Draper groove. Then you realize you need something a little...different?

The Old Fashioned is an icon. (Don’t believe it? Quick! Name another cocktail with its own dedicated book.) But even an icon could use a fresh outfit on occasion.

The next time you’re in the mood for the original, give it a second thought—and a tiny face lift.

1. Burnt Sugar Old Fashioned


The same ingredients don’t have to mean the same drink. By caramelizing the sugar instead of muddling, you get new flavors without the need to run to the store. The rest of the ingredients? You guessed it: bitters, water and good ol’ whiskey. A cocktail perfect for those who prefer not to stray too far away from what they know.

2. Blood Orange Old Fashioned


While some people scoff at the idea, adding orange to your Old Fashioned is not a rarity. The Blood Orange Old Fashioned takes this controversial addition and turns it into the star ingredient.

3. Sour Cherry Old Fashioned

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Pucker up: This recipe is for the tart lovers. Muddle those cherries with your sugar and bitters for a sour punch.

4. Bacon Bourbon Old Fashioned  

Bacon. Yes, we know bacon is everywhere. Now, you can have the porky taste of it in your cocktail. Maple syrup and orange bitters round out the bacon-infused bourbon for a savory cocktail that would be a worthy complement to your favorite brunch dish.