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Mexico Invented a Miraculous Cloud That Rains Tequila

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(image: Designboom)

From robot bartenders to self-driving cars, it’s safe to say we’re living in pretty miraculous times. And just when we thought we’d seen it all, some geniuses went and invented a cloud that actually rains tequila.

This boozy cumulus was created by ad agency Lapiz to attract German visitors on behalf of the Mexico Tourism Board. The booze-infused cloud was put on display in a Berlin art gallery as a strategy to convince locals to ditch their stormy spring weather for a little fun in the sun.


Even more miraculously, the cloud is programmed to mirror Berlin’s weather patterns: When it rains outside, the tequila cloud unleashes its delicious dew.

Just how does it work? A tequila-based mist is held in a plastic container to keep a cloud-like shape. Ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate to transform the alcohol into a visible mist, and then the liquid particles are released. “The tequila is pushed into an invisible structure where sprays of tequila, mixed with the vapor, form the cloud,” says Luciana Cani, Lapiz’s creative director.

Once the tequila cloud materializes, liquor drops fall into the shot glasses held beneath it by enthusiastic drinkers. Although it was planned as a one-time installation, we’re hoping the tequila cloud is in our forecast soon. We’ll unwind with a Margarita until then.

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