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There hasn’t been a federal holiday since Washington’s Birthday all the way back in February, so we can imagine just how excited you are to be off today.

To make the day that much more enjoyable and spirited, we have laid out the perfect cocktail schedule for you, which actually starts right now.

Begin by pairing your breakfast or brunch with an eye-opener. A spicy Bloody Mary or a bubbly Bellini certainly works, but if you’re feeling a bit bolder, fix a delicious Breakfast Margarita. The recipe, which calls for orange marmalade, was created by all-star San Francisco mixologist and advisory board member Jacques Bezuidenhout.

A holiday Monday is the ideal time for a leisurely lunch. And the secret to a leisurely lunch is, of course, a big bowl of punch. Seriously. Don’t believe us? Try award-winning historian and advisory board member David Wondrich’s Classic Rum-Brandy Punch, which naturally includes rum and cognac. And it should make enough to last you the entire afternoon. After three days of relaxation and sunshine, you probably could use a restorative concoction with dinner. So mix up the traditional and incredibly simple Dark ‘n Stormy or the refreshing Sweet Tea Smash, which was invented by top New York bar PDT and features Tennessee whiskey, unsweetened tea and the Italian herbal liqueur Strega.

And since this in no ordinary Monday, end your evening with a tasty nightcap. We suggest The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee, from that establishment’s talented bartender Jack McGarry. But remember, just have one: Tomorrow is, after all, a regular Tuesday.

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  • posted 4 years ago

    Hi Richard--
    The Golden Dream is pretty obscure, but it's a tasty dessert drink we've fortunately heard of. The recipe calls for 2 parts each of Galliano, Cointreau (or another orange liqueur) and orange juice to 1 part of cream. Shake over ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Enjoy!

  • Richard Reda posted 4 years ago

    Way back around 75-76 up at the lakes region in NH I played at a place called Christmas island steak house they had a drink called Golden dream I can't remember what liquor was in it but I know it had light cream in it it was great I don't know if you can but i sure would like to find I would be ever grateful SEMPER FI

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