McDonald’s Adds Another Boozy Location

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You can now wash down your Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets with a cold draft beer … provided you’re in South Korea.

The Korea Herald reports that beer will be available on tap at the Golden Arches’ Pangyo Techno Valley location in suburban Seoul. But there’s a catch: The beer isn’t available to buy on its own. Instead, it’s offered as an upgrade from a soda for a small surcharge and only when customers buy a Signature Burger, a menu item that lets diners choosing from more than 20 ingredients to top their made-to-order sandwiches. Beer upgrades are limited to one per burger, so McDonald’s isn’t poised to take over the pub market, but the new offering provides a local touch for South Korea, one of the heaviest-drinking countries in the world.


Alcohol on the menu isn’t a new concept for Mickey D’s; some of its restaurants in European countries such as Germany, Spain, Portugal and France already serve beer and wine for customers looking to wind down with their fast-food meals.

When will Americans be able to wash down their Quarter Pounders with a cold one? Perhaps soon, if McDonald’s follows the lead of Starbucks, Taco Bell and other fast-food giants experimenting with alcoholic options. Until then, we’ll settle for making our own boozy Shamrock Shakes and dreaming of the day we can get a cold beer with our all-day breakfast.

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