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Mature Spirits

We admit it. We get kind of giddy when we taste a truly rare spirit, something a brand has been carefully aging and nurturing for decades. And a wave of very mature and expensive bottlings has recently come on the market. Here are a few to look out for (or daydream about drinking).

Appleton Estate 50-Year-Old Jamaica Independence Reserve Rum ($5,000):

More than half a century ago, Appleton put aside 24 casks to mark the independence of its homeland, Jamaica. And this June, the company released the liquor, which is the world’s oldest barrel-aged rum and has deep wood and vanilla flavors. There are just 70 bottles for the whole United States.


Bowmore 1964 Fino Single Malt Scotch Whisky ($13,500):

Over the years, Bowmore has impressed us with its limited-edition whiskies. We’re adding the 1964 Fino to the list. It’s a beguiling mix of both tropical fruit and smoky notes. It will be in stores this fall, but sadly, there are only eight bottles allocated for America.

Elijah Craig 20-Year-Old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($130):

Love bourbon? Then try this new 20-year-old from Elijah Craig. The 1,300 bottles of the special whiskey, which is a robust 90-proof, have already begun to roll out across the country.

The Glenrothes 1978 Single Malt Scotch Whisky ($700):

Next month, you’ll be able to buy The Glenrothes’ latest vintage single malt (pictured above). The incredibly smooth and rich Scotch was made in 1978 and was aged for 30 years. On the palate, you can taste baking spices, orange and maple syrup.

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