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5 Delicious Martinis You Can Make at Home

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There are so many ways to make a Martini, choosing how to mix one up at home can be mind-boggling. There’s the timeless Dry Martini, which is as simple as gin and vermouth. Then there’s the classic Dirty Martini variation, garnished with olives.

Then there are the countless other tweaks and alternates. Five drinks is just the rim of the Martini glass. But you gotta start somewhere, right?


1. Irish Martini

This variation uses whiskey—hence, the name Irish—yet prides itself on being a true Martini. (Let the arguments begin!) Gin, vermouth and orange bitters are all still present in this concoction, so you won’t have to sacrifice the old familiar recipe just because of the Irish flair. Get the recipe.

2. The 8 Crazy Nights Martini

This Chanukah-inspired Martini involves infusing potato vodka with something you probably have on hand—olive oil. The result is a unique cocktail ideal for when you’re in the mood for something savory. Get the recipe. 

3. Lemonade Aloe Martini

Image: Beautiful Booze

Aloe juice might seem like an unusual ingredient, but it is actually quite easy to find in the grocery store. Its health benefits have long been debated, but one thing’s for sure—it gives this martini a fresh, summery taste. Get the recipe.

4. The Modern Martini

Image: Bon Appétit 

Gin-based Martinis might be classic, but this tipple lives up to its modern name. Gin is infused with cilantro and lime juice for a fresh twist. Get the recipe.

5. Spicy Pepper Vodka Martini

Image: Food Network

Although making your own pepper-infused vodka will take about a week, this spicy Martini is worth the wait. Pop some jalapeños, cayenne peppers and garlic into a bottle of vodka on Monday morning and have something to look forward to. All. Week. Long. Get the recipe.

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