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Marshmallow Gin is Here To Make Your Last Summer Campfire Epic

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(image: Naked Marshmallow Co)

We’ve come across some pretty odd spirit flavors over the years—we’re talking gin infused with motorcycle parts, smoked salmon vodka and bacon bourbon. And while most of these make us audibly gasp and scrunch up our faces in disgust, every once in a while, a spirit comes along that we just can’t wait to try. U.K.-based Naked Marshmallow Co. did that this week with its introduction of Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Gin and Salted Caramel Marshmallow Vodka.

Made in the U.K., the small-batch English gin and vodka were infused with the company’s handmade marshmallows and produced using copper pot stills. While our minds are spinning with all the possible cocktail combinations, the company suggests enjoying the beverages over ice or straight from the freezer. Both spirits are available for £32 ($41).


This isn’t the marshmallow company’s first experiment with alcohol. Those genius creators also offer alcohol-infused marshmallows in flavors such as raspberry and prosecco, elderflower and gin, and Espresso Martini.

S’mores, upgraded.

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