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The Margarita Is Still America’s Favorite Cocktail

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As cocktail culture exploded into the mainstream in the past 20 years, consumer tastes evolved with its popularity. Certain cocktails are now part of the everyday drinking experience and can be found on menus in every part of the country.

New research from Nielsen that analyzed U.S. drinkers showed that not only is the Margarita the most popular cocktail, it’s also one that consumers are willing to pay more for than their average drink. About 56 percent of the country named it their top choice, stating they’d be willing to pay around $9.49 for it. This is slightly higher than the average cocktail price of $9.

The Martini was the second most popular cocktail, followed by the Old Fashioned, the Mimosa and finally the Moscow Mule.

This insight was found almost unanimously across the country, with the only notable differences in the top two choices found in Chicago and Miami. In Chicago, drinkers named the Old Fashioned their first choice and the Mimosa their second. The Margarita didn’t even break the top five. In Miami, the Mojito takes the second most popular spot.

Nielsen’s On-Premise User Survey, which occurred between September and December 2018, also noted consumers preferences by the time of day. Margaritas and Martinis were particularly popular during the afternoon and early evening, while the Long Island Iced Tea begins to dominate after midnight.

Bartenders and bar owners, take note.

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