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Malibu Introduces Rum Party Pouches

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Remember back in the day when the only way to drink a cocktail was to buy all the ingredients and mix one from scratch? Thankfully, now we have canned cocktails, premade mixes and even the adult version of Capri Suns to rescue the lazy versions of ourselves. And now, just in time for the heart of summer, we can enjoy giant rum cocktails in 60-ounce party pouches.

Malibu has introduced Mixed Drink Pouches filled with different ready-to-serve summer cocktails. Choose from classic-cocktail-inspired Daiquiri, Rum Punch, Pineapple Twist and Blue Hawaiian. Each bagged cocktail is 12.5% alcohol and comes with a nozzle for easy pouring. 

If you thought you’d already read the best part, think again. You can use Malibu’s website to find out where the pouches are available right now or use the tool to see if one-hour delivery is an option. The tropical rum brand really does think of everything.

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