Mad Men Drinking Game

There’s no better show to raise your glass to than Mad Men. With witty characters, foot-cutting lawnmowers, adulterous spouses and bar carts galore, the show begs for its own drinking game.

Is that a cigarette in Sally’s hand? Shot. Did Roger utter a double entendre? Shot. Did Betty threaten to break her child’s arm? Double shot. This Sunday’s mid-season finale is a perfect occasion to dust off your cocktail shakers and get ready to knock ’em back. In pure Draper fashion, be sure to have some Alka-Seltzer at your desk come Monday morning.


On your mark. Get set. Take a drink every time…


1. Harry Crane says something stupid.

2. There’s a random act of violence.

3. Betty is mean to her children.

4. Megan throws a tantrum… Pete throws a tantrum…

Anyone throws a tantrum, really.

5. There’s a reference to “modern” technology.

6. A secretary gets yelled at.

7. Sally smokes or rolls her eyes.

8. There’s a period reference.

9. Someone cries.

10. Roger cracks a joke.

By now, you might be so tipsy you could be convinced you actually live in the 1960s.

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