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The Lot 40 Cocktails You Have to Try in Chicago

Brought to you by Lot 40 and Liquor.com

Seven bars in your city are serving handcrafted cocktails that are perfect for winter and show off the distinctive flavor profile of Lot 40 100% Pot Still Rye. Drinks like the Black Satin Sour at The Drifter, From Tip to Tail at Fox Bar at Soho House, and the Crescent City at Lowcountry. Bad Hunter’s Josh Fossitt uses the style and technique of a Manhattan to bring together a surprising variety of flavors. Rob Guevara’s From Tip to Tail, on the other hand—a warming mix of rye, spiced pear, lemon, honey and cider—takes the edge off sweater weather. Is your mouth watering yet? Just wait until you see all 7 options below. You’re sure to find an amazing cocktail near you.

Bad Hunter


This West Loop newcomer is renowned for its vegetable-forward cuisine. But its cocktail program—an innovative, balanced mix of low-abv bases and high-proof complementary spirits—shines maybe even brighter.

FEATURED COCKTAIL: Josh Fossitt’s Blackhawk Up made with Lot 40 rye whisky, pineapple gum syrup, amontillado sherry, Fernet-Dogma infused with blackberries and pineapple, Bonal and Bittermens Elemakule Tiki bitters

The Drifter


Burlesque shows and top-notch drinks (from menus printed on tarot cards!) are poured at this speakeasy in the belly of the Green Door Tavern.

FEATURED COCKTAIL: Liz Pearce’s Black Satin Sour made with Lot 40 rye whisky, St. George green chile vodka, Rhuby rhubarb liqueur, berry honey syrup, lemon, egg white and a pinch of salt

The Franklin Room


A crack oyster happy hour, attentive service, extraordinary cocktails and an impressive whisky list are the hallmarks of this elegant boîte.

LOT 40 SPECIAL: Lot 40 will be its Whisky of the Week from December 18th to the 25th. Stop by for specials on neat pours and tasty cocktails by the talented Peter Kim. You can also get personalized bottles for 25 percent off as part of their Whisky Keep program.

Fox Bar at Soho House


This inconspicuous little drinking spot is part of Chicken & Farm Shop and has a British hunting club vibe—if British hunting clubs were really, really sexy.

FEATURED COCKTAIL: Rob Guevara’s From Tip to Tail made with Lot 40 rye whisky, spiced pear, lemon, honey and cider

Sportsman’s Club


Once a gathering place for Polish immigrants, this watering hole has retained its gorgeous 60-year-old bar, where locals gather for fabulous cocktails and craft beers.

LOT 40 SPECIAL: A tightly curated four-cocktail list changes by the day. Bar manager Graham Heubach features a different Lot 40 cocktail every Wednesday evening.



What could be better than a dive bar specializing in whisky? Enjoy great music and tip back some delicious brown spirits at this Lincoln Park classic.

LOT 40 SPECIAL: Check the specials board for Lot 40 every Thursday, and every other day, find it in their gargantuan, 800-spirit strong whisky book.



Hurricanes, jalapeño cornbread, and bright, whisky-spiked riffs on sweet tea are among the pleasures at this airy Cajun-themed restaurant and bar that’s great for groups.

FEATURED COCKTAIL: Raymond Chester’s Crescent City made with Lot 40 rye whisky, Solerno blood orange liqueur, lemon, peach bitters and Angostura bitters

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