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London’s Latest Bar Features Breathable Cocktail Clouds

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Got your head in the clouds? There’s good reason to keep it there at London’s soon-to-open multi-sensory bar.

Alcoholic Architecture, opening July 31, is an installation that “explodes drinks to the scale of architecture,” as described by its creators. The culinary events group Bompas & Parr is well-known for its atypical style. In the past, the group has showcased imaginative feats like fruit-flavored fireworks (featuring peach snow, Seville orange smoke and edible banana confetti) and has harnessed the power of lightning to sear steaks.


Bompas & Parr’s first experiment with breathable beverages was introduced in 2009, when the group created an immersive cocktail environment filled with vaporized Gin & Tonic. The latest iteration of the project will live inside London’s Borough Market and feature a similar walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail. Composed entirely of fine spirits and a mixer at a ratio of 1:3, the installation comes to life using humidifiers that saturate the air.

And it’s not just your lungs doing the drinking on this cloud. The alcohol enters your bloodstream through mucous membranes—meaning your eyeballs get in on the action too. That means that guests can take in 40 percent less alcohol in this environment but experience the same effects since the alcohol never enters the liver. Sound a little sketchy? Don’t fret, Bompas & Parr worked with respiratory scientists to ensure that the boozy mist is safe. Guests can enjoy the fog-filled room for a maximum of one hour and are provided with a hooded cape to keep the alcoholic fumes from clinging to their clothes.

So what exactly does this breathable cloud have on tap? Alcoholic Architecture is located on the site of an ancient monastery, which directly influenced the cocktail list. All of the beers and spirits served inside the cloud were created by monks, so you can expect to imbibe everything from Trappist beer to Bénédictine and Chartreuse.

Ready to get a little fuzzy with fog? Tickets are available for purchase (for those over 18 only) and cost $20, and the installation will be up and running through early next year.

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