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Drink Smart: This Month’s Juiciest News

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Each week, we encounter all kinds of interesting booze news—from bar openings to new flavor releases. Only certain stories have us dropping our cocktail glasses though. This month’s include a freakish rendering of what the Crystal Head Vodka bottle would look like with a face and the ongoing limepocalypse. Tell your friends. Grab a barstool. Get educated.

Crystal Head Skull

The Face Inside the Vodka Bottle

In one of the most unsettling forensic renderings we’ve seen, this Crystal Head Vodka bottle is given a face. Think drunken sailor meets Gollum.


Enter the #Limepocalypse

The #limepocalypse is here. Drug cartels are harassing farmers and truckers in one Mexican area limes are grown, and that, coupled with a bout of Yellow Dragon tree plague, has lime prices skyrocketing. We weep for our Gimlets and Margaritas.


Whiskey Tears

In a heated debate about what constitutes Tennessee whiskey, lawmakers are considering changing the requirements. But, as is so often the case, the situation is a whole lot more complicated than that.

bols foam

The New New

In the last month, we saw at least half a dozen brands release new bottlings. What got people talking: Bols’ new Foams, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, George Washington Peach Brandy and Cruzan Peach Rum.

starbucks beer

A Venti Lager, Thanks

Starbucks’ new beer-and-wine menu will help take the edge off in a whole new way. (Oh, and make your bank account that much more depressed.) We’ll have two dark roasts and a tall malbec, please!

(Crystal Head photo courtesy Crystal Head Vodka)


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