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Glassware Makes an Impression. Be Sure It’s the Right One.

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The possibilities are endless when you’re working with pieces from the Master’s Reserve collection.

It’s tempting to think that the food and drinks themselves are all that matter in a restaurant or bar. But any good chef, bartender or manager knows that isn’t true. Every detail—the light fixtures, font on the menu and, most of all, glassware—sends a message to guests.

So what are your glasses saying? They should be showcasing all your drinks, dazzling guests before they even take a sip. You can do exactly that with glassware from the Master’s Reserve® collection from Libbey.

Take a look. There’s a piece of glassware for any style of drink.

The retro-inspired designs are created with superior engineering, clarity and performance. In other words, they’re made with the same care and craft great bartenders put into the actual cocktails.

But it’s the versatility and range of Master’s Reserve that makes it uniquely suited for making the right first impression. The collection features designs that match any style of bar.

You can’t make stunning cocktails without beautiful glassware.

Specialize in classic cocktails? The collection features refined glassware to highlight iconic drinks. If you have a more chic space, you can find trend-forward glasses to round out the sensory experience. And anyone working in a casual spot will be happy to discover designs that are elegantly made and deeply unpretentious.

Check out all four categories in the collection. And choose items from the one that best matches your bar.