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Larceny Bourbon Takes the Gold | Partner Tip

A famous spirit with infamous origins.

Discovering a good bourbon is like striking gold. Or double gold, in the case of Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon, the spirit that won the prestigious Double Gold Medal at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition (in a unanimous vote no less).

The accolades don’t stop there, and why should they? Larceny Bourbon is a small-batch, wheated whiskey with under 100 barrels in each production run. That means you can expect the same dedication to detail and high-quality spirit in every single bottle. It’s no wonder that Larceny was also named one of the World’s Top Spirits by the 2013 Spirit Journal and awarded a 5-star recommendation—the highest possible honor. In other words, this bourbon means serious business.


Larceny also boasts a colorful backstory, as any good bourbon should. The origin of Larceny’s name is unlocked through its historical ties to the Old Fitzgerald brand, which was acquired by “Pappy” Van Winkle during Prohibition. It was long believed that Old Fitzgerald was named after a well-known distiller who sold his spirits by the Kentucky River, but in truth, the Fitzgerald name was a reference to a bonded treasury agent with a refined taste for bourbon.

As a treasury agent, John E. Fitzgerald maintained a private set of warehouse keys to ensure that taxes were paid on the bourbon housed inside. Using these keys, Fitzgerald would often sneak into the rickhouse to pilfer sips for himself from the best barrels. Those very barrels were nicknamed “Fitzgerald barrels” as a tribute to his appreciation for great bourbon, and eventually led to the creation of Larceny’s own name, inspired by this infamous act.

Steal a sip of Larceny for yourself and experience what John E. Fitzgerald first discovered in the warehouse: A superior wheated bourbon with an unmatched smoothness—and a legend in the making.

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