Laphroaig Celebrates 200 Years with a Very Special Bottle

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How do you celebrate 200 years of incredible Scotch?

For the famed Laphroaig distillery, 2015’s bicentennial celebration was a chance to revisit its greatest hits.

First launched over 30 years ago, the Laphroaig 15-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky garnered awards across the globe and became one of Master Distiller John Campbell’s favorite expressions. It was eventually replaced by the 18-Year-Old, but as part of the distillery’s 200th anniversary this year, the unforgettable 15-Year-Old has been brought back to life for a limited-edition release.

What made the Laphroaig 15-Year-Old whisky so special? The barrels were individually selected for their distinctly mellow and round flavor, then batch-bottled at a higher export strength of 43 percent ABV. The resulting Scotch combined the signature Islay peat smoke and salty sea air with underlying orchard fruit notes, and instantly became a worldwide favorite. The 15-Year-Old even drew royal recognition from the Prince of Wales in 2000, when 270 bottles were drawn from a single cask signed by Prince Charles in honor of his favorite charity.

Fans of the original Laphroaig 15-Year-Old will be happy to hear that nothing’s changed. Just as Laphroaig has stayed true to its traditional distilling process for the past 200 years, the re-released 15-Year-Old Scotch pays tribute to the original with a slightly lower level of peat and increased strength. And the flavor? You’ll experience the same light peat smoke and subtle sea salt notes that lead into a mellow smoky finish—just like you remember.

Eager to get your hands on this historic limited-edition bottle? The re-released Laphroaig 15-Year-Old is currently available nationwide for $80. Don’t wait until the next anniversary—make your move now.

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