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5 Healthful Kombucha Cocktails to Kick Off the New Year

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Whether you believe the healthy hype or not, kombucha continues to enjoy popularity around the country.

Turns out, the fermented tea makes a clever cocktail ingredient too. Its natural tang and fizz adds surprising character to drinks—and pairs well with everything from bourbon to tequila.


1. Ginger Kombucha Cocktail

Image: bettysliu.com 

Picture a Moscow Mule on a New Year’s health kick. That’s the inspiration for this vibrant cocktail of muddled ginger, vodka and kombucha, with a sprig of mint and dash of citrus bitters for good measure. Get the recipe.

2. Cranberry Kombucha Cocktail

You might consider kombucha and bourbon to be strange bedfellows, but spiced apple kombucha blends dreamily with the brown spirit in the company of cranberry juice and bitters. Get the recipe.

3. Hibiscus Kombucha & Gin

The tartness of kombucha makes it a good substitute for vinegar-based cocktail shrubs in a pinch. Choose a bright, flavorful kombucha like hibiscus to pair with your favorite gin and balance the two with a bit of simple syrup. Get the recipe.

4. Fiesta Punch

Image: winemag.com

Look for a beet-based kombucha to capture the fuschia hue of this surprising party punch. Then, add sunny flavors like orange and lime juices and a pour of tequila before garnishing with jalapeño and cilantro. Get the recipe.

5. Spiced Rum Fig Kombucha Cocktail

Face the onslaught of winter with a smile by fixing yourself a glass of rum-spiked kombucha. A rich fig syrup adds depth to spiced rum and fresh orange juice, while the kombucha lends its signature tang. Get the recipe.

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