KFC Just Debuted 3 Gravy-Soaked Cocktail Recipes

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(image: KFC)

Kentucky Fried Chicken just debuted three cocktail recipes made with a very unexpected ingredient.

The chain restaurant’s U.K. and Ireland team released four YouTube videos this week, each featuring a special gravy-soaked cocktail. The Finger Lickin’ Sour mixes gravy, mezcal, cherry liqueur and egg white and looks pretty stunning garnished with thyme and poured into a coupe glass. The Southern Twist uses gravy, bourbon, parsley and brown sugar. The Gravy Mary, a Bloody Mary twist, seems the least scary of the options, as the gravy probably adds fantastic savory notes to the brunch classic. And who says no to a popcorn chicken garnish?


The cocktails won’t be available in stores, so you’ll need to pick up some extra gravy to bring home next time you’re grabbing a bucket of chicken.

While these cocktails might seem outrageous, KFC already sells Extra Crispy Sunscreen and KFC scented candles, and we even saw a fried chicken IPA last year. So would you try gravy cocktails?

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