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You Might Finally Be Able To Get Your Hands On The Keurig For Booze

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(image: Drinkworks)

There have been a lot of companies in the past few years vying to become the “Keurig for cocktails.” But this week, the actual Keurig announced it’s ready to launch its boozy product.

The Drinkworks machine is a collaboration between Anheuser-Busch and Keurig Dr Pepper, promising single-serve cocktails in seconds. The companies tested the device in St. Louis, Mo., in 2018 and will now roll out throughout Missouri as well as Florida this summer and California in 2020.


Pods will feature 24 different cocktails, like the Margarita or a Moscow Mule, and contain about a shot of alcohol in each. Like the coffee maker, the machine will use water and carbonation to create the drink.

The Drinkworks drink maker will be priced at $399 but can be pre-ordered for $299. A four-pack of pods will cost approximately $15.99.

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