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Join a Family-Made Bourbon Tradition | Partner Tip

The perfect addition to your family’s holiday celebration? How about a bourbon that’s built on the bond between a father and son?

Russell’s Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was created by the father-son duo of Jimmy and Eddie Russell in 1998 to celebrate Jimmy’s 45th anniversary of making whiskey with the company. Both are Master Distillers who have 94 years of combined experience and have earned spots in the Bourbon Hall of Fame, thanks to their efforts in creating quality spirits of the highest standards.


With those standards in mind, the Russells never use GMO grain and only age their bourbon in #4 ‘alligator’ charred barrels made of new American white oak. Each barrel is hand-selected by Jimmy and Eddie from the center cut of the rickhouse—where conditions are optimal for aging—to ensure that the finest quality bourbon emerges.

Share the pair’s family-made bourbon with your own family this season by serving Russell’s Reserve neat, on the rocks or in a classic bourbon cocktail like the Old Fashioned or Boulevardier. And don’t forget to spread the lasting bond of bourbon by gifting a bottle to relatives near and far this holiday—it’s a family tradition, after all.

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