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Jim Beam Just Introduced A Smart Decanter That Can Pour You a Shot With Voice Command

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(image: Jim Beam)

Technology does a lot for us these days. Between Alexa and Siri, we thought we had most of our easy tasks outsourced to the robots by now. But then we learned about a new bot that could pour us whiskey.

Jim Beam introduced the world’s first smart decanter, JIM, today, which can do everything from answer your questions to, more importantly, pour you a shot when you ask.


Voiced by seventh-generation master distiller Fred Noe, the decanter turned virtual voice assistant can’t tell you the weather, but he’s incredibly encouraging about you indulging in that bourbon habit. If you ask him, “What’s the best way to drink bourbon?” He’ll respond, “Any damn way you please.” While supplies last, JIM is available for pre-order, arriving by December 15.

As of this writing, the decanter was already sold out. You may have just lost the chance to order an awesome Secret Santa gift, but we’d guess this isn’t the last you’ll see of JIM.

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