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Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence Most When She’s Drinking (And You Should, Too!)

Watch out Julia Roberts: There’s a new golden girl in town—and she’s not afraid to have a little fun. On the red carpet, behind the scenes, in films, the girl likes to drink.

Not only does she like to drink, but she likes to tell everyone when she’s drunk and where she happened to get drunk. Because she’s frank about her exploits, we compiled a list of our favorite times JLaw’s been drunk in public or recounted stories where she’s done things crazy enough that require Miley Cyrus to tell her to “get it together.”


Take a moment and live vicariously through our favorite relatable celeb girlfriend.


1. She admitted to taking a shot before a
post-Oscars press conference.

2. She blew off steam as Rosalyn in American Hustle.

3. She admitted to puking at a high-profile Oscars after-party.

4. She was “10 Jell-O shots in” with Jimmy Fallon when she asked J-Lo to dance with her.

5. She was too drunk to sign autographs.

“I’m sorry guys, I’m way too drunk.” At least she’s polite about it!

6. Jimmy Kimmel’s producer made her do two shots
of tequila before going on. Oh, plus that beer.

7. And how can you forget that time she drank
Champagne right out of the bottle?

Sadly, there’s no GIF of this precious moment. But the photo speaks for itself.

(Photo courtesy of lotoflaughters.com)

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