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Jameson Releases Triple-Distilled, Cold Brew Whiskey

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(image: www.IrishDistillers.ie)

Whiskey and coffee have a long-standing bond, from the Irish Coffee to the Irish Car Bomb. But recently, Jameson Irish Whiskey decided to take the pairing even further.

Fully embracing this dynamic duo, Jameson announced a limited, 3,000-bottle release of a new product, Jameson Cold Brew. A combination of triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey and fairtrade cold brew coffee extract sourced from Arabica beans in Colombia and Brazil, the beverage is best served by itself over ice or in a coffee cocktail.


With a distinctive, bold coffee flavor followed by hints of charred wood and a warming mouthfeel, Jameson Cold Brew aims to tap into the rising popularity of both Irish whiskey and high-grade coffee.

The new product is being trialed in limited qualities throughout the month of September, but don’t run to the store just yet. Unfortunately, those of us who do not reside on the island country will have to hope sales are a success before it makes its way across the pond. For now, Jameson Cold Brew is only available for purchase in Dublin’s Jameson Distillery and in Dublin Airport.

Jameson Cold Brew is bottled at 35 percent ABV and costs approximately $33.

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