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Jägermeister-Filled Chocolate Creme Eggs Are Here

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The Easter basket is officially not just for kids anymore. Brands are pulling out all the stops this year, from Prosecco eggs to chocolate eggs with a whole bottle of gin in them. Now, Jägermeister is getting in on the fun.

After teasing fans about a Jägermeister egg three years ago, the liqueur producer has finally released a chocolate “creme egg” infused with its signature drink. Plus, it’s so boozy you have to present your ID to buy it.


The eggs are sold in a set for $13, with two infused eggs, two Jägermeister shot glasses and a 100-milliliter bottle of Jägermeister. Unfortunately, the company already sold out (the 250 sets sold out within hours of the release date), and we haven’t heard of plans to restock.

Until it does, and decides to sell it in the U.S., we’ll just have to figure this out on our own.

Locations: United Kingdom
Brands: Jagermeister
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