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Is Your Scotch Collection Worth More Than Your 401(k)?

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If you’ve been saving a fancy bottle of scotch for a special day, you might want to consider holding on to it a little longer.

Inside Hook reports that U.K.-based data firm Rare Whisky 101 has found that the Rare Whisky Apex index rose more than 14 percent last year, unlike the indexes for gold and wine, which dropped by 10 percent and 0.4 percent, respectively.


Nearly $14 million worth of rare whiskies were sold at auction in the U.K. last year, and many of the most coveted bottles were produced by distilleries that are no longer in business. As a result, value could continue to increase as supply declines and demand continues to grow.

Even somewhat-scarce whiskies are rising in value, but older bottles are proving to be the most valuable. “Despite the continued de-aging of new/retail products in the Single Malt Scotch category; age ([measured] both [in terms of] older age statements and older bottles in-the-glass) and vintage prove more crucial to the collectors/investors market than ever. We see demand for older bottles only increasing,” states the report.

U.S. products also experienced sales growth, with revenues growing 8 percent and demand for American whiskeys booming both stateside and abroad, according to the Distilled Spirits Council.

So put away those old bottles and reach for something a little less aged when making cocktails or sipping it neat; your investment adviser may thank you in the future.

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