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Indian Whiskey Brand Is The Best Selling Whiskey In The World

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When you think of popular worldwide whiskey brands, you’re probably thinking Jameson or maybe Jack Daniel’s. But the best-selling whiskey in the world is not only one you’ve probably never tried, you’ve likely never even heard of it.

For the fifth straight year, Officer’s Choice claimed the title of the world’s best-selling whiskey, according to market research provider IWSR. India’s favorite whiskey sold more than 31.5 million cases in 2017, which is actually slightly less than the brand sold in 2016.


India is the largest producer of the spirit, accounting for close to half of the global demand. All three whiskey brands in the top 10 were Indian, proving the country’s got the biggest thirst for the brown spirit. For comparison, the best selling whiskey in the U.S., Jack Daniel’s, sold just 12.49 million cases in 2016.

But, whiskey isn’t the most sought-after booze overall. Jinro soju from Korea is the best-selling alcohol worldwide, with 75.9 million cases sold in 2017, and Ruang Khao rum from Thailand just beat Officer’s Choice with 31.7 million cases to take second place.

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