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Californians Rejoice. In-N-Out Flavored Beer Is a Thing.

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(image: In-N-Out Burger via Instagram)

Breweries are rarely shy when it comes to testing the limits of what can and cannot be brewed alongside your favorite hops. We’ve seen pickle beer, ramen beer, fried chicken beer, marshmallow peep beer and even beer made from sewage water. And now Californians are rejoicing. There’s finally In-N-Out–inspired beer.

As all In-N-Out lovers know, the fast food chain offers a secret menu. One of those special items is the Neapolitan shake, made with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream. San Francisco’s Seven Stills Brewery decided to turn that special dessert into a Neapolitan milk stout fittingly dubbed the In-N-Stout, featuring In-N-Out’s logo on the can.


Unsurprisingly, In-N-Out was quick to reach out to Seven Stills with a cease-and-desist letter, but In-N-Out lawyers wanted to let the brewery know they appreciated the try. Full of puns, the letter reads, “We felt obligated to hop to action to prevent further issues from brewing. … Use of our marks by third parties ales us to the extent this could cause confusion. … We are attempting to clearly distill our rights by crafting an amicable approach with you, rather than barrel through this. … Please contact us as soon as possible, so this does not continue to ferment.”

Though Seven Stills will no longer be releasing a can outfitted with an In-N-Out-esque logo, you can expect In-N-Out stout (recently renamed Neapolitan stout) to hit shelves at all three of Seven Stills’ locations in San Francisco on August 16.

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