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Icelandic Spa Wants You to Soak in Giant Tubs of Beer to Improve Health

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(image: Bjórböðin)

Weird spa treatments and trendy health claims pop up every day. Fish pedicures, placenta facials and leech detoxification are, at this point, old news. But an Icelandic spa has created a trend we can get on board with.

At the Bjórböðin spa at the northern tip of Iceland, visitors can book a 25-minute soak in a giant indoor beer tub warmed to 100°F. Best of all? You get to sip a cold one while doing it out of your personal tap.


The owners claim the mixture of hops, yeast and water is great for skin and overall health, provided you let it all soak in afterward. Treatments cost about $46 and include a trip to the relaxation room post-soak.

There’s also a restaurant on-site serving local dishes, in addition to more beer. Don’t get your hopes up for a beer tub party, though. Soaks are limited to two people.

It’s time to grab your significant other and head to Iceland.

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