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These Are the Drinks You Should Make with Hybrid Alcohols

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It’s time to bust one myth wide open: You can mix your liquors in one night—and even in one cup.

There are historic cocktails containing more than more spirit, but the notion that jumping between different liquors leads to a disastrous morning-after has permeated our culture. Rest easy, drinkers: Swapping liquors alone does not a hangover make.

Some recent proof is  the introduction over the last couple of years of a new type of liquor: hybrid spirits that combine two types of liquors into one bottle. Mezcal or gin? Why not both? Vodka or tequila? Now, you don’t have to choose.

Hybrids may take weight off any indecisive drinker’s shoulders but there’s still one pivotal question: What do you drink with them?

Stick With What You Know

The easiest way to play around with a hybrid spirit is to incorporate it into a variation on a classic. If your hybrid contains tequila, make a Margarita. Vodka and Cognac? A Sidecar may be a good place to start. Use your preferred measurements and tweak from there until you’ve got a cocktail you like. By using your new hybrid in a cocktail you know inside and out, you’ll be able to catch the little differences and adjust accordingly. If, say, you’re a gin fan, the Spicy Negroni fires up the traditional version with Mezcal, a chile liqueur and mole bitters.

Keep it Simple

By nature, hybrid spirits are complex enough as is, so don’t throw a wrench at the glass by adding too many ingredients. In the Rumskey Cocktail, some lemon juice adds acidity and the simple syrup—along with ginger liqueur—brings sweetness and flare. You can always incorporate ingredients in time but, to start, less is more.

Patience is a Virtue

Creating a perfectly balanced drink is not easy and most people do not do it on the first, second or third try. Many concoctions are thrown off balance by too much of an ounce here or not enough there. Hybrid spirits cocktails are no exception. As with Two Kids in a Cup, a bar spoon can be an experimentation deal breaker. Just play around. After all, it’s your bottle.

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