How to Drink with Your Dad

While we like having a drink with our Pops all year round, on Father’s Day, he deserves something a bit more special than his standard order. So to help you find that perfect cocktail to fix for him on Sunday, here are three delicious and creative takes on a few dad-approved classics.

If your father is a serious Martini fan, make him the Dukes Gin Classic Martini (pictured above), which is served at the Dukes Hotel in London, a regular haunt of James Bond author Ian Fleming.

One of our favorite warm-weather sippers is the Whiskey Smash, which combines bourbon, mint and lemon. (You can watch top San Francisco bartender Eric Adkins make it in our latest How to Cocktail video. But we also enjoy advisory board member Julie Reiner’s Sir Hayden’s Smash that calls for eight-year-old Basil Hayden’s Bourbon and adds blackberries and Italian amaro to the formula.

While nobody knows when the Manhattan was created, it was no doubt an instant success with fathers. But instead of mixing up the traditional three-ingredient recipe, we recommend you try advisory board member Dushan Zaric’s  Employees Only Manhattan that features a jigger of citrusy Grand Marnier. We promise your dad won’t be disappointed

Locations: London San Francisco
Brands: Grand Marnier

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