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How to Cocktail: Martini, Vesper and Gimlet

OK, no more procrastinating. This is the year you finally brush up on your bartending technique and start mastering some classic cocktail recipes.

Relax; not only does your “studying” involve enjoying delicious concoctions, but we also got you one of the finest teachers on the planet: talented mixologist and Liquor.com advisor Simon Ford.


Begin by watching his How to Cocktail videos on making the Martini, the Vesper and the Gimlet. Each is less than two minutes long and is packed with tips, history and a jigger of humor.

The best part? These tutorials will be posted permanently on our YouTube channel, so you can consult them any time you have a question. We’ll also be adding more How to Cocktail segments soon.


Arguably, the most famous of all drinks. Ford deftly explains the preparation of both the gin and vodka versions. Click here for the full recipe.


Learn to make this fresh-lime-and-gin tipple that’s a favorite of British sailors—and imbibers around the world. Click here for the full recipe.


You don’t have to be James Bond to whip up his beloved Martini variation that calls for both vodka and gin, plus a splash of Lillet. Click here for the full recipe.

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