How to Cocktail: Cosmopolitan, French 75 and Tom Collins

While cocktail fads come and go (anybody care for an Appletini?), a number of concoctions are enduringly popular and have an uncanny way of surviving from decade to decade.

Inspired by these all-time classics, for our next set of videos we got renowned bartender and advisory board member Simon Ford to fix a proper Tom Collins and a Cosmopolitan. Plus, we had acclaimed San Francisco mixologist Brooke Arthur demonstrate the preparation of a French 75.

Watch these three segments now and then get to mixing!



You’d have a hard time finding a drinker who hasn’t heard of this relatively modern creation, which combines vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice and fresh lime juice. Click here for the full recipe.

French 75:

This refreshing citrusy and bubbly standard can be made with gin or, as Arthur shows in our short film, with complex cognac. Click here for the full recipe.

Tom Collins:

Prepare for spring by learning how to make this hot-weather staple. Fortunately, it calls for just four ingredients: gin, fresh lemon juice, club soda and a bit of simple syrup. Click here for the full recipe.

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Mixing your cocktail

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