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Holiday Gift Guide: Scotch

When the weather turns cold and nasty, the spirit that we crave most is, naturally, Scotch. A dram of the warming and complex liquor is just the thing to fight a chill. (In case you forgot, winter officially starts on Saturday.)

And whisky also, of course, is the quintessential holiday gift for drinkers around the globe. Over the last few years, the selection of single malts and blends has exploded, giving you a wide variety of presents to choose from. That’s not to mention all the excellent Scotch-like bottlings from places including Japan and, if you believe it, India, on store shelves now.


But facing a wall of malts can be very stressful. How do you find the perfect present? Relax; we enlisted the help of spirits expert Jamie Boudreau, whose bar Canon in Seattle claims to stock the western hemisphere’s largest liquor collection. We got him to suggest five bottles that will make any Scotch fan happy.

If you’re looking for some more options, check out the best new whiskies from Scotland that were introduced this past fall. And to ensure you share a bit of knowledge with your gift, read 5 Trends: Scotch, featuring the latest news from one of the world’s leading Scotch authorities, Charles MacLean.


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